L’Île aux Fées is a Parisian reference in terms of smocked dresses. We offer limited editions of high-quality handmade garments for babies and children. Chic and timeless our collections are ideal for a daily chic style or special events. We dress little boys from 0 to 2 years old and girls from 0 to 10 years old.

All our collections are handmade and limited with a maximum of two models per size. We believe each and every child is special and deserves its almost unique outfit. Smocked dresses represent the majority of our collections and are suited to both daily chic wear and special events such as birthday parties, baby showers, weddings or ceremonies.


Amandine Dress

The Amandine smocked dress with its embroidered sleeves and its frilled collar is one of our signature models for both winter and summer. With its handmade cotton lining enabling the dress to twirl and butterfly shaped bow in the back it is very elegant.

Netti Dress

For summer the Netti dress is also a great favourite.

Very romantic with its ruffles and voluminous skirt due to an extra tulle lining the Netti dress will make your little one look like a blooming flower. Bright or pastel colour, it is highly elegant.

Ceremony dresses

For christening,  holy communions and other special religious ceremonies, we have offer elegant white smocked dresses for both babies and little girls.

Handmade with care they are designed to be kept as precious object of love or to passed down from generation.

Cerise Dress

Amon our iгconic pieces is the Cerise smocked dress With its delicately embroidered Peter Pan collar, puffed sleeves, smocks and butterfly bow in the back and cotton lining, it is a timeless classic. This traditional smocked dress is revisited each season with new smocks.

Party Dress

To celebrate your special moments, baby showers birthdays, ceremonies and parties, our tulle and organza dresses are ideal.

Highly precious with gorgeous fabrics and sophisticated details such as golden embroideries or pearls, these party dresses will makr your little girls feel like princesses.

Baby garments

Alongside our girl dresses, we offer a range of baby clothes from 0 to 2 years old.

Ideal for gifts of birth, we design classic chic outfits with dungarees, sailor collars, little shirts and bloomers for little boys. For little girls we have delicate blouses and refined outfits.