If your little ones are in need of fresh and space to run and play around, we recommend a family picnic at the Domaine de Saint Cloud. A lovely way to combine French culture and nature.

Parc de Saint Cloud - Paris with kids - picnic

Located uphill at the West of Paris, in Saint Cloud, this beautiful park of 460 hectares offers a breathtaking view over the entire capital.

Overlooking the river Seine and ranked among the most beautiful gardens of France, the “Domaine de Saint Cloud” was the residence of the French royal an imperial families. Originally belonging to a rich family of Italian bankers, it was bought by Philippe of France Duke of Orléans in the 17th century and then greatly expanded by the Queen Marie Antoinette. It was later on occupied by Napoléon I and Napoléon III but sadly destroyed during the Franco- Prussian war.

If the castle has entirely disappeared, the gardens remain and are definitely worth a visit. The small park was designed by the famous French landscape architect and gardener of Louis XIV while the delightful rose garden is a creation of Marie Antoinette. And behind these polished gardens, there is plenty of space for your children to run about freely, play kings and queens in the grass while you admire the outstanding view on Paris.


To enjoy a café after your picnic or to take a full French meal, the domaine hosts several restaurants:

Parc de Saint Cloud - Paris with kids - family picnic

La Faisanderie - 01 46 89 60 20 -

L'Oasis - 01 49 66 12 83

Brumaire – 01 46 02 44 39 -

Le Fer à cheval - 06 63 14 07 32

L’Orangerie 09 86 43 95 75

La Lanterne 06 03 21 52 34

Rose Garance outfit bloomer and blouse clasic chic handmade Parisian

Dress tip:

Rose garance outfit - blouse and bloomer classic chic parisian style

We recommend wearing a Garance outfit. This matching blouse and bloomer is a great alternative to dresses and the perfect way to style your little for a picnic.


Useful information:

Address : Domaine national de Saint-Cloud

92210 Saint-Cloud

Opening hours: Every day from 7.30am to 8pm ( 10pm from May to August)

Website :

Phone number: +33 (0)1 44 31 64 00

If you wish to learn more on the history of the site, we invite you to visit the museum located in the former stables.

For more information please send phone 01 41 12 02 95



"There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all." – Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Since childhood, our designer, Monique Ramahay, has always loved fairytale books. Raised between Paris and Madagascar, she is in love with the classic French children books. Deep source of inspiration and creativity, she believes books are an essential part of childhood and one of the most wonderful gifts to offer for Christmas or as a birthday present.

Page after page books make us travel through time and space to the most enchanted palaces and magical lands. 

What better gift for a little girl than a beautiful handmade smocked dress and a book? 

Here is a small list of little Parisians' favorite classic French book suggestions and matching dress ideas as well as a list of wonderful bookshops.

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When travelling in Paris with kids, our very first piece of advice would be to spend an afternoon at the Luxembourg Garden. 

Located in the heart of Paris, in the 6th arrondissement, in between the Latin area and Saint Germain des Près, this 25 hectare garden is a haven of peace. Created by the French queen Marie de Medicis in 1612 it made of two gardens: a French one and an English one separated by a wide pond.

Two minutes away from our boutique, we never cease to marvel at its beauty. Whether in winter or in summer with its French and English garden beautiful flower beds, strolling in the park is always a pleasant experience. 

Considered as little Parisians’ favorite playground, the park has numerous fun activities to offer

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