"There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all." – Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Since childhood, our designer, Monique Ramahay, has always loved books. Raised between Paris and Madagascar, she grew up surrounded by classic French fairytales.

Deep source of inspiration and creativity, she believes reading is an essential part of childhood. Page after page, novels and tales let us travel through time and space to magical lands, unknown continents. Through books we make the most extraordinary encounters…

What better gift for a little girl than a beautiful handmade smocked dress and a book? 

Here is our list of little Parisians' favorite classic French books as well as our favorite bookshops.

Martine Petit Rat de L'Opéra - Book for little Parisians - Paris with kids

Martine Petit Rat de L'Opéra by Gilbert Delahaye

Much appreciated, Martine is a heroine to whom little girls can identify themselves.

Through colorful illustrated albums, we follow the daily adventures of the sweet and slightly mischevious Martine.

In this book, we attend ballet classes : pirouette, arabesque, pas chassés...

To dance like a ballerina and accompany Martine on stage, we suggest a Netti dress with a tulle lining which will make your little one twirl with joy!


La princesse au petit pois

The Princess and the Pea is another timeless classic.

It is the story of a beautiful prince desperately searching for the perfect wife. One night during a terrible storm, a young women calling herself “princess” arrives at the castle and begs for shelter. Having slept on a bed with one single pea placed below the twenty mattresses, she wakes up with a bruise. Her host is delighted, only a true princess would have been delicate enough to feel the tiny pea. He has found the wife of his dreams.

To be as elegant as the Princess we suggest our beige smocked dress with a delicate small polka print looking like tiny peas.

La princesse aux pois - Paris boutique kids

Les Triplés by Nicole Lambert

Les Triplés is a must have in all Parisian homes. Featuring adorable Parisian triplets and their mother, Nicole Lambert’s comic strip series are based upon her own childhood experiences and that of children surrounding her. Beautifully illustrated, each book is full of humor and touching innocence.

We particularly recommend “ Les Triplés à Paris” which is translated in English. Through the eyes of children, your little one discover the marvels of the French capital and hidden treasures.

Hosting a book signature within our Parisian boutique with Nicole Lambert, we created a special Bordeaux dress with golden smocks perfectly matching with her latest Triplés edition.

Les Triplés à Paris - kids boutique
Babar - Paris kids boutique

Babar by Jean de Brunhoff

The stories of Babar and his elephant kingdom have enchanted many generations of children since its first publishing in 1931. Easily recognizable in his elegant suit and yellow crown, Babar has become of the most famous fictional characters.

After the loss of his dear  mother, unfortunately killed by a hunter, Babar escapes to the city, where he is helped by the kindly Old Lady. Once fully educated and cultured he returns to the great forest to become King of the Elephants.

To read Babar we recommend an elegant elephant grey Amandine smocked dress.

Gaia Stella - Paris boutique - children book - dress

Mes Endroits à Moi by Gaia Stella

Published by the famous French editing house Grasset, this colorful book is an invitation to dialogue.

Following little Alice on her exploration through her favorite spots, we discover the greenhouse, the library and many other well known places of our daily lives with a the curious and amazed eyes of a child. A great book to read with your children, to discuss and share memories about the different places explored.

Our atelier has designed a very special capsule edition of dresses embroidered with illustrations from the book.

Peau d'Âne - Paris boutique - book - kids

Peau d’Âne by Charles Perrault

Donkey Skin is another deeply loved classic fairytale in Paris.

A king lives in a marvellous castle and has a fantastic donkey giving gold droppings. Upon the death bed of his beloved wife, he promised his spouse not to marry a woman less beautiful than her. The only woman in the kingdom equally stunning is his daughter…. Helped by her godmother, she tries to object by putting conditions : she asks for a dress as bright as the sun, then shining like the moon and eventually runs away and hides under a donkeyskin…

We designed the Moon and Star dress of the princess “ The king summoned his embroiderers and ordered that a dress the color of the moon be completed by the fourth day. On that very day it was ready and the princess was again delighted with its beauty.”

Le Petit Prince - Antoine de Saint

Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Last but not least, our great favorite is the little Prince. Translated in more than 300 languages  this philosophical tale, both for adults and children has stolen our heart away. Through allegories and delicate illustrations, we go on a journey with a charming little blond boy, travelling through the universe and making the most extraordinary encounters.

For this beautiful trip across the planets we suggest our polka dot dress!


Our Parisian children’s bookshop suggestions :

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